Production Facility Accreditation


The purpose of the CMEC Production Facility Accreditation Program is to establish a consistent nationally recognized level of competence that demonstrates a company’s commitment to the improvement of quality control measures associated with the production of construction materials. The CMEC Accreditation Program can be modified to account for the different requirements of various specifiers within a single annual inspection.


Less Inspections, More Production

The CMEC Production Facility Accreditation can be used by all specifiers. Instead of multiple visits from every agency that approves your material and your facility, CMEC can assess it all in just one visit.

Information Availability

All specifiers may find your facility in our database of Accredited Production Facilities that indicates each facilities accreditation status.

One Point of Contact

Have your questions and concerns answered by experts in the field with a staff that is always friendly, knowledgeable and available.

Prices & Fees

Your application fee covers one year of accreditation. It is due annually at the time of reaccreditation. An additional assessment fee may apply if your facility is located internationally or 1000 miles from the CMEC office.

Increase productivity and receive a discount on your production facility accreditation by having both your production facility and laboratory accredited at the same time. If you have been previously accredited through the CMEC Accreditation Program, or if you are also applying for our laboratory accreditation or special inspection agency accreditation programs, the assessment fee may be waived and you may apply for production facility accreditation at a discounted rate.