The CMEC Accreditation Symbol

When you complete the accreditation process, there are a variety of ways you can display your accreditation status. First, we will provide you with a certificate that displays the tests you are accredited for. We will also add your laboratory to a database, allowing customers to search for you based on the accreditations that you have gained.

CMEC will also grant you permission to use the CMEC Accreditation logo in reports, stationery, publications and other forms of media where you may want to highlight your accreditation. On certain documents, you may need to distinguish between tests that you are accredited for and those that are not.

Along with our logo, you may add the CMEC Accreditation Symbol to your website which will provide you with an easy way to let competitors, customers and your own staff know that you are proud of your accreditation status.

Take a look at this example of what the symbol might look like on your website:

Our Accreditation Status

Our construction materials testing laboratory is accredited through the CMEC Accreditation Program and formally recognized as having the necessary quality management system in place to conduct tests in line with the standards and guidelines specified by AASHTO R18—the “Recommended Practice for Establishing and Implementing a Quality Management System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories.”

Here are a few benefits of adding the symbol to your website:

  • Get recognized by specifiers, competitors and potential customers as an accredited laboratory.
  • Show your appreciation for your staff and employees by showing them you are proud of the work involved in gaining accreditation.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving them more confidence in your test results by displaying the symbol on your site.

Upon gaining your accreditation, CMEC will provide you with a code you may send to your Web developer who will be able to place the symbol on your website.

Apply for Accreditation Today

Download our application and submit it to the CMEC Accreditation Program to begin the laboratory accreditation process.