Laboratory Accreditation Documents

For detailed information regarding the CMEC Accreditation Program policies and procedures, please review the following documents or contact us today with any questions you may have.
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Quality Management System Example

An example of a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of AASHTO R18, Recommended Practice for Establishing and Implementing a Quality Management System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories, is available for laboratories that are starting from scratch or need some guidance.

Mechanical Shaker Efficiency

Over agitation and improper testing techniques for aggregate can lead to degradation of aggregate samples and improper test results.  To many technicians disbelief, ASTM C136 and AASHTO T27 do not specify how long a mechanical shaker’s timer should be set in order to accomplish proper agitation.  In order to understand the proper use of mechanical shakers, we must first explain the reasons for using this equipment.

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Nonconformity Corrective Action Report

Laboratory Inspection Nonconformity Corrective Action Report

Policy for Monitoring Temperature

CMEC requires each laboratory to monitor the temperature of all testing ovens within the laboratory. Download now to read more.

CMEC Laboratory Accreditation Program Procedure Manual

Learn more about the CMEC Accreditation laboratory inspection process, as well as the general criteria your lab will need to meet in order to be eligible for accreditation.

Example of Uncertainty Budget

A sample Uncertainty Budget form, which you may use for simple cases of measuring uncertainties in your laboratory.

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